Our Programs

Child obesity is one of our most complex issues. It impacts an entire generation. It impacts an entire country. It involves deep-seated cultural, and socio-economic issues. At Reverse The Trend Foundation, we understand the challenge we are up against. That's why we work with business leaders from the private sector, scientists from academia and leaders from non-profit and public sectors. We work with people who understand the value of collaboration and evidence-based research. We know there isn't one magic solution. We also know we have an approach that works. One that uses scientific evidence and business acumen to create action from ideas. One that creates sustainable behaviour change.



Some people like running. Some don't. Others love to dance. We create patterns so movement becomes a habit. We do it in a way that is fun and engaging. Even for teens. Our Ambassadors are great motivators and encourage children to move on a daily basis. 

Science and Technology

We are geeks at heart. Our founder is a scientist and neuroscience features strongly in our initiatives. We have engaged with the best tech teams to create a program that can be easily upscaled, adapted for every social demographic and for every age group. Using familiar technology, children and parents engage quickly with our iniatives and stay motivated within the program. 


Children have enormous power to influence the structure and function of their brain in ways that will build important skills and qualities. such as resilience, courage, confidence and emotional and social intelligence. Our initiatives give them the information they need to develop these qualities.  


We don't demonise food types. We don't ban ingredients. Instead we show children how taste buds work. We encourage and reward trying and eating a wide variety of food stuffs. We show children how to source and select healthier choices. We work with children and parents to create healthy habits around food. And we make it a fun experience.