Our Approach 

To successfully challenge childhood obesity requires addressing the obesogenic environment as well as critical elements in the life-course. By combining the best ideas from science with business-minded practices and involving collaboration from diverse sectors, we have an approach that works. 

Our strategy is to ensure appropriate television/screen viewing, encourage active play and movement, establish healthy eating behaviours, promote healthy sleep routines and role-model healthy caregiver and family lifestyle. 


Reverse The Trend Foundation focus on sustainable, long-term impact. 

Whole child 

We work with every child to address nutritional, physical and emotional healthy behaviours.  This reduces stigma and embeds healthy habits from an early age. 

Evidence Based

We focus on using the best available scientific evidence to create our initiatives. By creating a program with a diverse portfolio of initiatives, we can address health inequalities among demographic groups.

Remember when you were first taught to tie your shoelaces? We bet you still tie them the same way. That's a habit cycle. Working with Neuroscientists, Reverse The Trend Foundation has created Health Initiatives (BOBS) which employ the Habit Cycle to reinforce physical, nutritional and emotional wellbeing. Imagine if children were shown how to create healthy habits. Not just physical and nutritional ones, but emotional ones too. Imagine if they could increase their self-esteem, sleep better, express feelings and move more. That's what we do. 


Our health initiatives challenge children to make changes that will be carried into adulthood and passed on to further generations. But we want to make it fun too. That’s why children aged 8-16 form our Child Advisory Board and help to create our Healthy Challenges.