About us

Reverse The Trend Foundation began in 2014 when our founder learned of how a 12 year old child in the UK had received a gastric bypass as a life-saving measure. 

Extensive research began into the many complex factors that influence energy balance. These factors have led to an increase in calories consumed, a reduction in energy expended and health inequalities among communities and demographic groups. 

We gathered a team of business leaders, public sector experts and scientists to exchange ideas and create an innovative and integrated solution to the childhood obesity crisis.

An evidence-based solution combining innovative science and business practices and involving collaboration from several sectors resulted in our current health initiative which is being rolled out across the UK.  

Pilot study

Over 20,000 children and their families took part in a pilot study using our innovative approach to creating healthy behaviours. Almost 19,000 children completed the pilot, with positive behavioural changes around sleep patterns, fruit and veg consumption and movement. 


Reverse The Trend Foundation was registered as a charity in 2016.